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Siena, with architecture and traditions that have been enchanting visitors for years, is a gem of enchanting Tuscan culture. This beautiful city is home to some of the most enjoyable festivals in the world: the Palio, celebrated in the world-famous Piazza del Campo, and the Sagres, religious festivals that put the best of Sienese food and faith on display.

This guide will help you with When to Go to Siena and What to Visit in Siena, so that you have the best possible trip and take full advantage of the opportunities that Siena has to offer. The section Where to Eat in Siena will give you a good idea of the best restaurants in Siena for price and quality. We also have a section dedicated to accommodations so you can visit our pages dedicated to Siena Villas and Villas in Tuscany. For a list of the best shops, check out the section Where to Buy in Siena. Here you will find recommendations for designer as well asboutique stores that are sure to satisfy any taste.

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We hope this guide will be helpful in preparing for your trip to Siena and that you enjoy all the beautiful sights of this stunning Tuscan city!