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Siena is both a tranquil town and a place that offers many different bar and clubs for you to have a great time. The cuore of Siena, Piazza del Campo (Picture 1 and 3), hosts performances by musicians, fire eaters, clowns and buskers. In the summer evenings Siena plays host to music festivals whose concerts take place in different piazzas. In the winter, many pubs host bands and other performances for winter festivals. Nightpubs often do not close till 2 am or later.



Nannini (Via Banchi di Sopra).

I Terzi (Via dei Termini 7; tel. 0 577 44329).

Key Largo (Via Rinaldini 17; tel. 0577 23 63 39) Enjoy a great view of Siena form the balcony.

Il Palio (Piazza del Campo 46-49; tel./fax 0577 282055).

Caffe Diacceto (Via Diacceto 14).

Caffè 115 (Via dei Rossi 115) Gay friendly.

Robert the Bruce (Via Monte Santo- zone Fortezza).

L’ Officiana (Piazza del Sale 3).

Enoteca Italiana (Via Camollia 72) Wine bar to taste and take some bottles home.

Caffe del Corso (Via Banchi di Sopra 25) Bar and café where young congregate. It has a dance floor for the evening.

Bar Porrione (Via del Porrione 14; tel. 0577 16 69 04) Affordable beer till 3am and students’ den.



Il Barone Rosso (Via dei Termini 9; tel. 0577.286686) club-cum-pub magnetizing young people with its live music performances ranging from blues to pop.

Il Cambio (Via Pantaneto 48).

Il Bombo (Località S.Giusto 199, Monteroni d'Arbia (SI); tel. 0577.372185).

Sabroso Disco Dancing (Piazza dei Maetri del Lavoro 16; tel. 0577.247094).



The Tea Room (Porta Giustizia) Jazz and cabaret gigs.

The Dublin Post (Piazza Gramsci) An Irish pub where Irish and local bands converge as well as Irish beer fans. Its antipasti is a must-try.

Casa del Boia (Piazza del Mercato) An underground ancient tunnel which houses one of the most popular clubs to host live Cuban music.

Il Cambio (Via Pantaneto 48) Rock music is popular with students.