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Palazzo Piccolomini

The imposing palace dominates the northeast corner of the Piazza del Campo and its main façade faces Via Banchi di Sotto. The palace, constructed in the style of Florentine Renaissance has given room to the Museo dell’Archivio di Stato di Siena since 1858, a museum keeping important documents and pieces of art exhibited in four huge rooms. The palace was home to the rich and influential Piccolomini family for two centuries. When the last memer of the Piccolomini family died at the end of the 17th family the Collegio Tolomei, established in 1620 by Celso Tolomei, rented the building. This private school was run by the Company of Jesus and was devoted to teaching those from rich families. At the end of the 16th century, the school was turned into a religious order. Later, it served as headquartes of the Scrittorio delle Regie Fabbriccio and now it is home to the Siena Record Museum.


Opening times: 9am-1pm Mon-Sat, closed first fortnight of August.